Banned the sale of firecrackers


Business isn’t exactly booming, but a silent trade is on. Mail Today visited markets in the Capital after the Supreme Court on Monday banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi and adjoining areas till November 1. The reporters found that shopkeepers were discreetly selling fireworks with the aim to minimise losses before enforcement agencies crack down. Millions of fireworks are lit around Diwali each year, exacerbating the city’s pollution which is among the worst in the world. The court hopes the ban, which will also cover the festival falling on October 19, will help improve air quality in the Capital. People who have already purchased fireworks will be able to use them. A shopkeeper requesting anonymity told Mail Today that he would run the store for a couple of days till the time the vigilance of the police becomes strict. “It is going to be a tough time but we will work around the court order,” he said.