They were not happy with Salman replacing Saif…?


Ardent fans of Abbas-Mustan’s Race franchise were in for the shock of their lives recently. Before they could be happy about the fact that there is a third Race film in the offing, they were crestfallen on learning that Saif Ali Khan won’t be headlining the cast this time around. Yep, it was announced that Race 3 will star Salman Khan as the male lead. At the trailer launch of his upcoming film, Chef, Saif confirmed this piece of news by wishing Salman all the best  for the film and reiterating that he had not been approached by the producers for Race 3. Ouch, that hurts. So we ran a poll asking fans as to what did they think of this new development. And, boy, were Saif Ali Khan fans pissed! The Race actor won the poll hands down with many fans demanding that he returns to the franchise in the comments. On the day when Saif announced that he has not been approached for Race 3, we ran a poll asking if fans were happy to see Salman replace him. Saifians, as Saif fans like to call themselves, outweighed Bhai fans by a vast majority. A staggering 72 per cent of voters said that they were NOT happy with Salman replacing Saif.