Boyapati confirmed his next film…


Boyapati confirmed that his next film will be with Nandamuri Balakrishna and will start in the month of July 2018. This is huge news as Boyapti and Balakrishna’s combo has only resulted in blockbuster successes. The director has been busy promoting the movie over the past few days. In a recent interview, Boyapati revealed his success mantra.  Boyapati said that he treats every film as his debut film. The mass action entertainers​ specialist further said that he always readies a bound script with dialogues and starts working​ with his actors at least two months ahead of the film’s shoot. Claiming that all his movies are cost-effective, Boyapati says that he always keeps the producer in mind. All Boyapati movies are shot within the prescribed budget and it becomes easier for his producers to get the returns.