The attitude of A.P. Haj Committee is lacking.


Telangana State Haj Committee has been making arrangements for the Haj pilgrims very seriously but on the other hand, the attitude of A.P. Haj Committee is lacking. In the meeting of the Haj Committee officials, EO of AP Haj Committee met with the wrath of Dy. CM, Advisor to Govt. of Minority Affairs and Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare. It may be mentioned that in connection with the arrangements for Haj pilgrims, a consensus was arrived at for sharing the expenses proportionately between AP and Telangana and a MoU was signed last year. Now that the date of Haj camp is nearing, AP Haj Committee is avoiding entering into any such agreement.

When EO of A.P. Haj Committee, Mr. Laiq Ali was asked about this, he avoided to reply in a satisfactory manner. Mr. Mahmood Ali, Mr. A.K. Khan and Mr. Omer Jaleel expressed their wrath and said that if all the facilities have to be availed for the Haj pilgrims of AP, the expenses are to be shared proportionately but AP Haj Committee wants TS Haj Committee to bear all the expense thereby getting all the facilities free for its Haj pilgrims. It may be mentioned that Govt. of AP allocated Rs. 3 crore for making arrangement for its Haj pilgrims. In addition to this amount, it also allocated Rs. 12 crore for the construction of Haj House in AP. AP Haj Committee has made arrangements for stay of its Haj pilgrims in private hotels paying huge rents.