Email sent to Irving mayor accuses AP CM Naidu of ‘killing innocents’.


An email complaint sent to Irving mayor Beth Van Duyne and Dallas police has sent shockwaves through NRIs associated with the Telugu Desam.

The email alleged that Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu was behind the killings of innocent citizens by branding them red sanders smugglers and that he was visiting the United States to illegally mobilise funds.

The email also alleged that Mr Naidu was campaigning against the policies of US President Donald Trump. Following this, a US police party reportedly visited the place where Mr Naidu was meeting a few public representatives. The cops found huge crowds on the dais, and apprehending a threat to Mr Naidu from those who sent the email, provided security cover to him and other members of the visiting delegation.

It is being said that the emails were sent by supporters of the YSR Congress.
However, YSRC USA committee conveners Rathanakar Pandugayala and Guruva Reddy reacted sharply, alleging that these were baseless allegations being levelled by a section of the media instigated by TD propagandists.

Reacting to reports that YSRC supporters staged a protest against a fund raising visit by Mr Naidu in Irving, TX, the YSRC USA committee said that there was “little value” for it in protesting the visit of a sitting Chief Minister, however ignoble his rule in AP may have been.

The Dallas subcommittee and Dallas City in-charge members, Krishna Mohan, Ramana Putlur and Subbu Kondeddu maintained that no one from the committee and/or YSRC sympathisers in Texas were involved in any way.