TRS did EVM tampering?

evm machine

Opposition party, Congress, is blaming TRS, saying that, it performed some Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) tampering in the recently held GHMC polls and thus scored a huge victory.

It is to be remembered that, KTR during the election campaigns said that, TRS is going to win more than 100 seats and to the surprise, TRS scored 99 seats, which is just a seat away from his speculated number.

Cornering the IT minister at that point, the Congress officials said that, how come KTR speculated so accurately? That itself says that, the party performed some illegal operations.

Reportedly, the state election commission even removed the NOTA option from the voting machines. This itself implies that, the public who came to vote, would have chosen a candidate from the available list of options.

Stating that, the TRS clearly performed the EVM tampering, due to which many candidates did not even get the votes, polled by their family members, the Congress party is now planning to encourage even other parties to join them, in cornering the TRS party in the state.

Prior to the GHMC polls, the election commission was already in the dock, when many of the Seemandhra voters were apparently removed from the voter list.

The Congress party relates this EVM tampering with that of the phone tapping, TRS performed earlier to corner Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and strongly opines that, TRS victory in the GHMC elections is not original.

However, a few say that, these are just the baseless allegations, Congress is making, being an opposition party, and a few others say that, the opposition party’s argument cannot be denied completely.